Veganism is easy
Vegans are lacking protein
Today the vegan diet is recognized as complete and enough for any person at any stage of life. What is only necessary is to eat balanced, get blood tests and other analyses done regularly and to pay attention to the right intake of fats, proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals etc.
We recommend watching a video about 25 famous vegan athletes (part 1 and part 2) and get familiar with official positions of medical and dietetic organizations and recommendations on sports nutrition.
Animals are purposely raised for meat
This is not about the way they appeared on farms but whether the things happening to them there are ethical. It is not a secret that animals feel pain, stress, fear, avoid danger and don't want to die.

The sole fact of breeding can not morally justify pain and suffering caused to them. There are many inhumane things happening in the world now, because someone made it possible. For instance, human trafficking is happening because someone kidnapped someone on purpose. Drug trade exists because someone deliberately produced it. Also, in some Asian countries dogs are eaten because someone bread them into existence.

Acts should be evaluated due to their essence and consequences. When eating animal derived products, there are victims of such an act, who suffer on farms and other places of exploitation. Thus, if we have the possibility (and we have it), we have to give up violence.
To eat or not to eat meat — that's a personal choice
The choice can not be personal where there is a victim involved. In this case, it is an animal who pays for such a choice with its own life.

Factory farming leads to global consequences. Among them are climate change, environment pollution, antibiotic resistance of bacteria (70-80% of all antibiotics are used in animal farming) and much more that affects many people. The evidence of the noxious effect of meat and other animal products on the planet are apparent. Making this choice we are directly influencing others' welfare, let alone animals — the immediate victims of our choice.
The world will never be vegan
This is only an assumption. And even if it were the case, the question is, would it be a justification for not going vegan at all? For example, there are still racists, homophobic, sexists, rapists. Does it mean that we have to tolerate this and act the same? If some people does not agree that women need to have the same rights as men, does it mean that women need to have fewer rights?

We are not responsible for other people's actions, but we can control ours and live due to our moral principles. It doesn't matter if all people are going vegan or not; it only matters if you are going to be.

Animals should be killed humanely
How can you kill humanely someone who doesn't want to die? Animals have the same desire to
live as we do. They scream and try to escape in slaughterhouses, and often they manage. The "most humane" practices of slaughter are slashing the throat, hit on the head, or gas suffocation. This is not humane behavior even remotely.

Imagine yourself as one of these animals: what if someone wanted to kill you, would you argue that it just has been done humanely? Wouldn't you fight for your life and condemn actions like this? Animals feel pain, stress and fear just like us.

Here we also can mention the dog meat festival held in Yulin, where thousands of dogs are killed annually. When there are demonstrations all over the world to ban this event, no one demands to kill dogs "humanely".
Animals eat other animals
Some, but by no means all, animals do eat other animals. Those who hunt others, do it for survival and if they stop, they will die. Yet, we have the possibility to live a healthy and happy life without killing other animals.
Lions, for instance, apart from eating other animals, kill cubs and rape lionesses. Should we do the same and justify it in our society?
It is interesting that we chose only one lion feature and decide for ourselves while living completely other lives far from nature: drive cars, flight on planes, smartphones, sewage systems, electricity and so on.

We, humans, have moral principles, so we can tell right from wrong and can make decisions accordingly.
If everyone goes vegan, animals will overpopulate the planet
It is not going to happen. It is important to understand that animals are impregnated artificially on farms and their amount is controlled by businesses according to the demand. Since everyone is not going vegan just overnight or even in ten years, this transition will have to be gradual. When the demand for animal products decreases, the supply will drop. Consequently, there will be fewer animals bred, and we will reach the point of having a small number of animals who will have a possibility to live in shelters until the end of their lives.
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